Why you should choose to hire a Safetrader

The risks are high when letting any person you may not have met before in or around your home. It is only right and proper that you should take every measure and precaution to make sure any work is completed in a professional manner and the safety of your home and valuables is maintained.


A member of Safetrader has provided the basic information in relation to qualifications, business location and all contact details. This information has been verified by Safetrader. The member has also signed up to the Safetrader Code of Conduct, ensuring a professional and honest service or product.


The public have to be much more aware and vigilant in the present economic climate as service providers will represent themselves dishonestly, will take short cuts or in some cases not even undertake the work once a deposit has been paid. The rogue trader will thrive in desperate times.


Our Safety Tips will give you advice and help to alert you concerning the warning signs of a rogue trader.