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If in doubt, keep them out! 

If in doubt, keep them out!

The most important thing to remember when answering your door to callers that you don't know is - don't let them in until you are sure that they are genuine.

Don't keep all your cash in the house.
One of the reasons bogus callers target older people is because of their tendency to keep substantial amounts of cash in the house. Deposit your money into a bank or building society instead.

If someone calls:
When dealing with an unexpected visitor, Help the Aged urges older people to follow the simple 'Lock, Stop, Chain, Check' doorstep safety advice:

Lock: Firstly make sure all outer doors are locked.

Stop: Then stop and think – are you expecting anybody.

Chain: Always put the door chain on and look out of the window or spy hole to see who is calling before opening the door.

Check: Then ensure that you check their identification - do not be afraid to phone the company or organisation the caller says they are from to check their validity (obtaining the number from a separate source, rather than taking it from the proffered ID card).

Genuine callers will not mind waiting for you to make these checks. Do not let anyone enter your home until you are completely satisfied that the reason for calling is legitimate.

When you need to have some work done, always get at least two or three separate quotes from different tradespeople, and never be pressured into parting with money on the spot or signing up to anything you are not happy with.

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