has been developed to promote the professional and legitimate business within the Lifestyle market. This Lifestyle section has been provided to showcase our Lifestyle business members. All members sign up to the Safetrader “Code of Conduct” ensuring a professional and guaranteed service or transaction.

Each member will promote the Safetrader brand through excellent service, which will in time involve Safetrader Discounts to our general public members. We hope you can support our members who have placed great importance on a safe and guaranteed transaction with you the customer.

As in all other areas of business we are anxious to promote safety and recommended practice within the Lifestyle market. Our members have undertaken, wherever it is appropriate, to provide advice and recommendations in relation to the service or product they are providing.

To remain healthy is an aspiration of all humankind; to be unhealthy is a universal risk. It is not surprising that human societies have universally developed ideas, technologies, social roles, and, more importantly, lifestyles related to health care. Modern medical care with its stress on the use of drugs and surgery sometimes helps us when we become sick, but it doesn't always keep us healthy.

To a great extent, what makes us healthy or not is how we able to live our daily lives: the quality of the food we eat and the air we breathe; access to health care; how we exercise; and how we use tobacco and other drugs. It is becoming increasingly clear that the promotion of public health and the prevention of disease is an interactive process involving the development of public policy and governmental action and the empowerment of individuals to take control of their well being. Self-empowerment leads to positive change for the better. This Safe Lifestyle section attempts to contribute to the goal of betterment of the physical well-being of our countrymen here in Ireland.