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Stair Safety

Stairs are among the most dangerous spots in your home.

Here are tips for navigating them safely.
  • Handrails that don't run the full length of a staircase can be dangerous -- someone may assume that the stairs end where the handrail ends and miss the last step. If necessary, consider extending or replacing the handrail.
  • If stair carpeting becomes loose, fix it immediately. It's very easy to slip on loose carpeting.
  • Be sure not to use throw rugs at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs.
  • If you intend to paint basement stairs, either add a little sand to the paint for a better grip or install rubber or abrasive treads.
  • If the outside of your house is not well lit, paint the edges of outside steps white so that they are easier to see in the dark or install outdoor lighting.